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The BIGGEST Loser Last Week? Looks Like Hillary…


Democrats got pounded all over the nation last week and it looks like the BIGGEST loser in that den of losers is none other than Hillary Clinton.

Candidates and state parties spent well over $700,000 just on travel expenses to fly Bill and Hillary to events.  All the numbers aren’t in yet, and that number should grow significantly because the last month of the campaign season hasn’t been reported yet.

As of this week, filings showed there were 32 total expenditures, some made in installments of two, made this year by campaigns to Executive Fliteways. Most of the finance reports that show expenditures made after Oct. 15 — when the Clintons did a large share of campaigning — are not yet available to the public.

Here’s a rundown, losers are in red, winners are in blue.

  • Alison Lundergan Grimes – $69, 100.
  • Charlie Crist – $130,600 (includes $47,000 for a “Florida Blue” event)
  • 3 Arkansas Democrats – $70,000
  • Marjorie Margolies, Philadelphia – $6,700
  • Anthony Brown, Maryland – $18,300
  • Dan Malloy, Connecticut – $14,900
  • Michigan Democrats – $63,800
  • Mike Michaud, Maine – $10,400
  • Mark Udall – $4,800
  • Rhode Island Democrats– $24,800
  • Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee – $23,400
  • Kay Hagen – $29,200
  • Ohio Democratic Party – $28,400
  • Mary Landrieu – $41,000
  • Michelle Nunn – $34,800
  • Iowa Democrats – $50,100
  • Fred DuVal, Arizona – $38,000

Remember, all the numbers aren’t in yet, so the cost to have the Clintons show up will grow well beyond $700,000.  We’re looking for well over a million.  And look at all that red. 

It’s worth noting that Malloy’s win in CT was very tight in a state that Obama carried by over 20 points.  In Rhode Island, the Clintons campaigned for two minor office holders in a state where you couldn’t hit a Republican with a nuclear weapon, and the Michigan races were much closer than expected.

It’s also worth noting that there are no Democratic officeholders in federal offices in Arkansas.

Overall, not a good showing for Hillary.  Honestly, we don’t think she’ll get the nomination.  Again.  Hillary and Bill just didn’t get the base, or anybody else, to the polls and here’s what election night looked like all across “Clinton Country.”


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