Texas Speaker of the House: The Fight is On

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The fight is on. Conservatives in Texas, off the heels of an election that clobbered the Democrats, (Note that not one statewide Dem took more than 39% last week), are off and running towards the election by the Texas legislature for the Speaker of the House.

Representative Scott Turner is running against current Speaker Republican Joe Strauss, who Forbes called “The Harry Reid of Texas“. This week, it got heated to a boiling point.

Rep. Matt Krause, Activist Michael Smith and Rep. Scott Turner at the Texas GOP Convention 2014
Rep. Matt Krause, Activist Michael Smith and Rep. Scott Turner at the Texas GOP Convention 2014

Monday night, grassroots darling Giovanni Capriglione stunned a group of ardent supporters when he came out in full support of Strauss. Boldly stating that “There is no race for Speaker for Scott Turner.“, the Representative was faced with deafening silence that quickly turned into an angry crowd.

Matt Krause (R-Fort Worth ), Jonathan Stickland (R-Bedford), and representative elect Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington), the other three on a four person panel all disagreed.

In a quote from the meeting that was passed all over social media Tuesday, Stickland rebuked Capriglione. “It is a dangerous place to be if we vote based on what we think will be the outcome.”

Breitbart Texas reported that, “[Rep] Krause spoke up and said he thought Capriglione was wrong about support for Turner. He said, “I think Turner has more support. He’s a unique leader and would make a tremendous speaker of the house.

Grassroots activists took action during the meeting as well as on social media in the aftermath.

Grassroots activist Michael Smith, who campaigned heavily for Capriglione and brought the question up at the meeting posted, “I am simply beyond words – I feel like I have been run over by a Mack truck with Giovanni’s decision to vote Straus

Morgan McComb, another grassroots stalwart in Texas Politics wrote: “I was sitting on the front row, right in front of him when he decided to BETRAY Texas. The people in the room had money and sweat equity in him. They sat polls from sun up to sun down and took money from their social security checks on his promise to not be more of the same. People in the room were crying, some were mad and many like myself could not believe what we were seeing.

The entire Texas Grassroots spent the day in discussions about making it clear that Rep. Capriglione had severely disappointed them with his major flip-flop. Emails were sent, his FB pages were flooded, his past FB posts showing how he stood concerning Speaker Strauss were archived. Multiple blogs as well as news sources covered the story. Any thought that the very active Texas Grassroots were relaxing after a great election last week were surely put to rest.

The very active Texas Grassroots took a major offense to Giovanni’s defeatist flip-flop. In the weeks heading towards the vote for Speaker that takes place on the first day of the Texas legislative session in Jan, it looks to be a heated contest that will take a front seat in a state where elections and politics are very ‘Front Porch” It will be very interesting to watch it play out.

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