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Teacher Unions Dump $80 million Into 2014 Midterms: Result is an F+


American kids rank below their counterparts in China and Russia and a whole bunch of budding Super-Powers such as Slovenia, Estonia, and Vietnam. It’s okay though, because most of our public school kids can’t even locate them on a map, much less outdo them in the classroom.

But, rest-assured, they feel good about it – because they win a trophy anyway, don’t they?

People are going to scream that I hate teacher’s and that’s BS. I feel bad for teachers – they’re stuck in the middle of all this. Of course they want good wages – who doesn’t? But they know what’s going on here. Some of them are afraid to stand up to the curse of Common Core and I understand needing to keep your job and keep in good standing.

Not everyone can just up and defy their bosses. Especially union bosses.

When Democrats cry about putting more into education, they’re not talking about learning – they’re talking about putting more into union coffers, so they can blow it on administrators, Common Core and of course, more elections.

It’s a vicious cycle. Kids get dumber and become more dependent on government. Government keeps pumping out dumb kids, while Democrats fighting against Charter schools or any other type of school choice, take money from Unions, most of which ultimately comes from the salaries of teachers, paid by taxpayers.

You’re paying taxes to keep students dumb enough to vote for Democrats and government handouts.

Trade and shop classes, high-technology courses – once dominated by American education have been phased out in many states in favor of touchy-feely liberal arts type crap – just at the moment when the job market is looking for graduates with hard skills. Asian countries are kicking our asses in hi-tech – computer science, online coding, web design and other new century knowledge.

In a time where teacher’s are routinely arrested for having sex with their students instead of teaching them, we have to be unafraid to call this what it is: A scam and a travesty.

Go over to a public school someday and sit in on a class. Ask yourself what has changed. It’s startling. We need to encourage and support teachers who have the courage to fight the good fight – helping kids get smarter and compete.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten said that the union spent more in the 2014 elections than in any other cycle, including during presidential election years. Listen to their reasoning from an ATF official: They’re spending the money to “try to dial back some of the damage done by the cuts to public education and public services and elect people who will fight for kids, families and communities.”

Could you be more cliche? Throwing money at it has made it worse and everyone knows it.

American Federation of Teachers President Weingarten went on to say the union had two main objectives: keeping Democratic control of the Senate, and winning six key gubernatorial races in Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


The pension system has bankrupted state budgets and governor’s like Scott Walker in Wisconsin have been targeted by the unions out of fear, mostly. It hasn’t worked because the electorate is tired of higher taxes and dumber students. They’ve only exposed themselves for what they are: Power hungry thugs who don’t give a damn about kids.

Teachers need to quit looking to their union or worse – their government – to “give you a better wage.” Earn it, like the rest of us do – and to the extent you can, stand up to these thugs who are ruining you in the long-run by leaving kids out of the equation.

In Louisiana, where school choice has been allowed to flourish – education is making a comeback and teachers there are not wholesale against it. It’s about performance for pay and right to work. Tell me what’s wrong with that? Even former union leader and Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa called the current education system “a national crisis.”

I’ve been in LA public schools and it’s an understatement.

From FoxNews:

Teacher unions have spent hundreds of millions of dollars obstructing reasonable reforms to “last in, first out” hiring policies, seniority-based pay, and teacher tenure that could improve the status quo that protects unions and incompetence in the classroom at the expense of students. In practice, this means quid pro quo agreements with political candidates where campaign contributions are traded for promises of an anti-reform agenda.

In fact, the NEA ranks fourth and the AFT thirteenth on the list of biggest overall campaign contributors of the last 25 years, according to the Center for Responsive Politics’ Open Secrets database. Incredibly according to Weingarten, such money in elections means that “the voices of everyday Americans… [get]squashed.” Presumably she is not referring to the 86 percent of Americans (according to one recent poll) who support commonsense education reform that are being stonewalled by teacher union influence.

And the union uses required dues money to support one side of the political spectrum, not reflecting the political makeup of union members. For example, in the 2012 election cycle, more than 90 percent of union campaign support went to fund Democrats, despite 40 percent of members of union households voting Republican.

Even the courts are waking up to the fact that which ever side you support – it just ain’t working:

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu tentatively ruled that key job protections for California teachers violated students’ rights to equal educational opportunity.

Treu struck down state laws that grant teachers tenure after two years, require seniority-based layoffs and govern the process to dismiss teachers. He ruled that those laws disproportionately harmed poor and minority students.

“Evidence has been elicited in this trial of the specific effect of grossly ineffective teachers on students. The evidence is compelling. Indeed, it shocks the conscience.”
– Rolf M. Treu, Los Angeles Superior Court judge

The worm is turning, but we need teachers to be on board. 98% of all teachers want to put students first and although I made that statistic up – I bet it’s true – why else would they get into teaching? To put it another way:

Teacher, I need you.




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