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Very stupid reason these college students canceled fundraiser: Prisoners


Felons sitting in jail definitely have some problems – but a bunch of college students hosting a jail-themed fundraiser should not be one of them. by Jennifer Kabbany

Yet a Northwestern University “Jail ‘n Bail” sorority and fraternity benefit to raise money for childhood literacy was cancelled because a handful of whiny, snot-nosed students declared it offensive. The way the fundraiser works is you “arrest” your friends and then other people “bail” them out to raise money for a cause. In this case, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Zeta Beta Tau planned to team up to raise money for Reading is Fundamental, a children’s literacy nonprofit.

college cop2But at Northwestern – where annual tuition and fees come it at a whopping $45,000 – apparently the event was too elitist and insensitive to people in jail.

“You’re employing aspects, the orange jumpsuits, of an oppressive system that operates as a massive encumbrance to the lives and literacy rates of black and brown children in these ‘underprivileged’ areas,” complained one sophomore, according to the Daily Northwestern campus newspaper.

Bemoaned another student in a letter to the editor: “The fact that a group of wealthy Northwestern students are ‘playacting’ at being prisoners (most of whom are poor) is a blatant belittling of the realities of mass incarceration and the prison-industrial complex.”

That these protesters suggest jail is an inevitable reality for poor people and minorities is far more insulting than the fundraiser theme itself. But it was quickly axed anyway.

I blame the sorority and fraternity for this nonsense as much as I do these liberal students. When is someone on campus going to stand up to the politically correct squeaky wheels and tell them to pound sand?

As my peer at The College Fix pointed out, their complaints were utter nonsense.

“I’d like to suggest that what these protesters see as an ignorant parody of the minority experience is actually … a common college experience for all groups. The act of bailing someone out of jail crosses all races and socioeconomic groups. It’s almost a rite of passage for college students, especially when drinking or one-upsmanship are involved.”

I mean, c’mon – who among us has not had the handcuffs slapped on at least once in our wild days of youth?


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