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Steven Crowder’s answer to “NYC-Cat calling video”: Too Funny!


Did you all see that “NYC-Cat calling video” that got over 35 million hits?

A hot woman walks through the streets of NY for ten hours and men actually try and talk to her?

Amazing – hard to believe! Men like women! Problem is that most non-feminists think it’s ridiculous!

So our guy Steven Crowder has done his own hidden camera experiment, where he cat-calls and compliments women to get their reactions in contrast to the neo-feminists… priceless!

What happens when you go to the local mall and “cat-call” or compliment real women?


Had the guy running the car wash stop me and tell me I was a beautiful woman. He then demanded to know did my husband tell me I was beautiful today? I laughed and said no and he acted shocked and said “What is wrong with him? He needs to tell you every day because you are really a beautiful woman!” It was very flattering. I went home and told my husband and he immediately laughed then kissed me and told me I am beautiful.

I am a frazzled mom of 2 boys. It is nice to be told you’re still pretty. I liked the compliment from the car wash guy and I’ve even had other women compliment me on my hair or my eyes or whatever. Doesn’t happen often, trust me but once in a while when it happens I love it. It puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. It is NICE. It FEELS GOOD. Nothing wrong with a little self-esteem boost. Trust me, after 2 kids, my self-worth does NOT lie in my looks but there is nothing sexist or wrong with telling someone they look nice. Feminists are just off the wall crazy.
— Sarah Silcox

As a woman, I have to explain the “thank you” and the quick step away. It means we think you’re creepy and we hope you stop talking to us.
— Amy West

Love you young man. Your mama brought you up right. Real women, like your mama must be, are not offended by a nice compliment. The feminists have too many men afraid to be the gentlemen they were brought up to be. People like you are very refreshing. thank your mama for me, please.
— Gena Taylor


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