SICKENING: Liberals In Chicago Are Teaching 5th Graders to Have ‘Safe’ Anal Sex

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By now it should be abundantly clear that liberals, especially those in education, are complete nutjobs who not only lack common sense but are morally bankrupt as well.

Give you an example, you say? No problem. There’s plenty to choose from.

Such as the Chicago school that is teaching 5th grade students how to “safely” have anal sex. Yes, this is actually a part of their sexual education curriculum. You simply can’t make this nuttiness up.

According to EAG News, Chicago Public Schools presented the material in the form of a slideshow presentation given during a “report card pickup” that left parents completely flabbergasted.

As you might guess, there were tons of explicit and age inappropriate “demonstrations” on the slide, including rather nasty detailed instructions for putting on both male and female condoms.

Bill McCaffrey, a CPS spokesman, released a statement denying the material was a part of the curriculum, however, other information from a local elementary school website indicates they “opted out” of the condom demonstration, meaning that other parts of the material were indeed used as part of the curriculum.

As if teaching young children how to have anal sex wasn’t enough to make you puke your lungs up, the material also taught kids that the morning after pill isn’t an abortion pill, which anyone with a tiny sliver of common sense knows is a flat out lie.




This is probably one of the most insane things I’ve heard coming out of public schools in some time, and that’s really saying something.

Sexual education isn’t something that should be taught in schools in the first place. This is a private matter that should be discussed between parents and their children. To have the education system do this in place of parents is nothing more than an attempt to isolate kids from the values their parents are trying to instill in them and indoctrinate them with progressive ideals.

Parents need to be paying closer attention to what’s being taught in local schools, and take more personal responsibility for teaching their ¬†children the “birds and the bees.”

Yes, it’s an uncomfortable subject that’s likely to make you and your kids get red in the face, but if you care for the physical, emotional, and even the sexual well being of your children, then you need to clench your teeth and just do it.

Hopefully this will spur parents to make some noise against this perversion being taught in schools, and the CPS will pull this from their sexual education curriculum.

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