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Seize the Moment: Larry’s Letter to God


Seize the Moment is where I share a special photograph–a single image of someone or something that causes warm fuzzies to bloom in your soul despite all the chaos of illegal immigration, ISIS brutality, Ferguson’s racial strife,  and all that Obama nonsense.

A couple of days ago I posted the first of such photographs. It was a snapshot of a little girl mimicking a painting of a dancer. She was naturally playful and was dressed in tights of many colors. She glowed with innocence. And, fortunately, her preciousness was caught in the moment.

Today’s photo is about Larry. Larry is a little boy. He believes in God, and has been taught some lessons from the book of Genesis. He also is a peacemaker with great ideas.

I learned all of this from the accompanying photo of a letter little Larry wrote to God.

It made my day.  I hope it makes yours.

Larry to God


Although there is no photo of “Larry” to accompany his message about Cain and Abel, he may look like this:


Video: Teddy Bears as you’ve never seen them before. Be afraid, be very afraid.



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