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Scumbag Steals Phone Of Woman Killed By Train: Help Identify Him [VIDEO]


‘Pretty Low’: Police Say Man Stole Phone Of Woman Killed By Red Line Train

Boston police are following up on several tips they received after releasing a video they say shows a man stealing a dead woman’s phone [BELOW]

Police are seeking this man accused of stealing the phone of a woman killed by a Red Line train. (Image credit Transit Police)

Police are seeking this man accused of stealing the phone of a woman killed by a Red Line train. (Image credit Transit Police)

That’s when police say a man who witnessed the deadly incident walked over and put his foot on top of the phone.

“The male keeps his foot on top of the phone as he scans the area apparently to see if anyone is watching him,” police said.

“The male then reaches down and takes possession of the decedent’s phone places it into his pocket and casually walks away.”

Transit police posted the man’s picture on social media, asking for help to identify the person responsible for the “low” crime.

“Reprehensible,” Acting Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green said about the incident. “There may be pictures on there that might be something that the family may need.”



Thewoman was fatally struck by a Red Line train at the MBTA Downtown Crossing station while trespassing on the southbound side Thursday night at 9:48 p.m., police said. Her cellphone was dislodged upon impact and landed on the platform.


Anyone with information is asked to call police at 617-222-1050.


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