“Saving Christmas” Kirk Cameron’s New Film is Kicking Major Ass!

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Kirk Cameron‘s “Saving Christmas” may not be a hit with the critics, but that didn’t seem to crimp its box-office opening.

“Saving Christmas,” was written and directed by famed music video director Darren Doane. The story focuses on a Christmas party where the guest, Kirk Cameron, tries to keep the celebration centered on Christ.

“The most important part about Christmas is the first six letters,” Cameron writes on his personal website while promoting the film. Doane, who also has a major role, is set as a disenfranchised Christian, and the two reportedly butt heads about the meaning of Christmas. In Cameron’s usual fashion, he draws the plot and characters closer to God, allowing the fictional family to enjoy the holiday together.

Users on Rotten Tomatoes have given the film a 10 percent fresh rating, meaning that nine out of 10 reviews were negative. That hasn’t stopped Cameron’s large following of Evangelic Christians from visiting theaters to see him in action.

The actor’s 2008 film Fireproof, about the importance of saving marriage, was wildly popular in churches across the country. The indie movie has since given him a loyal fan following. Saving Christmas, which is being distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films, opened in 410 theaters nationwide this weekend, taking in just over $1 million.

Suck on that, Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone’s a critic.


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