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Relaxation Nation: Tips from 1957 [video]


Turn your clock back to 1957, and answer these three simple questions:

  • Do you suffer from anxiety?
  • Do you desire to live in a state (or nation) of relaxation?
  • Do you wish you could achieve ataraxia?

Well, there’s a pill for that, and a bedtime ritual, hilariously acted out in the video below.

The trend to rely on pharmaceuticals is depicted in this video, made at about the time the prescription drug Ataraxa, by Pfizer, was developed in the 1950s, now on YouTube. Think Don Draper and his [M]ad Men cronies as you watch.

So, get yourself a twin bed, a dull book and a pair of flannel pajamas. You’ll sleep like a baby, no matter what the Obama Administration is up to.


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