The Reason This Feminist Nutjob Thinks Football Players Shouldn’t Be Prosecuted For Sexual Assault Is Beyond Ridiculous

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As if a video featuring a bunch of little girls dressed as princesses and cursing up a storm wasn’t enough to convince the general public at large that feminism rots both the brain and soul–especially when combined with other areas of progressive thought–a feminist author is now saying that football players shouldn’t be charged for sexual assault if they’re black.

I know what you’re thinking. Someone must have slipped some sort of crazy pill in your coffee this morning, because there’s no way someone in America, especially a liberal feminist, would ever say anything THAT crazy, right?


From Weasel Zippers:

If it’s true that all seven of the football players arrested for hazing in the Sayreville, New Jersey, War Memorial High School locker room are students of color, that is one more reason not to prosecute them as sexual felons.

I don’t mean not to prosecute them in adult court. I mean not to prosecute them at all.

If they’re guilty, they should be disciplined by the school, kicked off the Bombers team, and held accountable to their victims by making amends in words and deeds.

There aren’t enough words in the English language to adequately describe how utterly stupid and racist this is.

Would Levine have the same stance if a white girl was raped in the locker room or underneath the bleachers? What happened to the feminist war on rape culture? I guess they only fight against that when it’s a white dude who has wrongfully violated a young lady.

Apparently, this feminist nut is under the delusion that she is some type of Civil Rights crusader, a defender sent to Earth to stand up for equal rights for blacks across the country.

The only problem is what she’s advocating for isn’t equality, it’s privilege, the same thing race hustlers accuse white folk of having on a daily basis.

No one should be awarded a license to break the law and violate the rights of others because of the color of their skin. I don’t care if these kids are purple with pink polka dots. If they have sexually assaulted someone or broken the law in any capacity, they deserve to be prosecuted. Period.

I, along with other conservatives and common sense Americans fully support equal treatment for people of all races, however I draw the line at awarding someone additional rights because of their skin color.

This is a perfect example of how faulty liberal logic really is and serves as a great reminder of why it’s so dangerous to the liberty we enjoy on a daily basis.

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