Protester’s Ludicrous Claim About Darren Wilson Fails to Incite Crowd

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After the news broke that the grand jury would not be seeking charges against Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown, all hell broke lose within a matter of minutes.

Violent protests raged in major cities across the country including Chicago, New York, Oakland, Seattle, and funny enough, Portland.

Much of what took place during these “protests”–liberal slang for “riots”–was violence urged on by agitators. One liberal whelp in the city of Portland tried desperately to whip the crowd of lazy protesters around him into a frenzy by making an obviously false claim about Officer Darren Wilson having a connection to the KKK.

His attempt failed miserably.

From TheBlaze:

In a video posted to YouTube by the LaughingAtLiberals account, one such protester makes a slew of dramatic claims in an attempt to whip up the crowd — but his fellow protestors sit mostly in silence while he does.

“The man who got off with this murder is a card-carrying member of the KKK!” he yells. “Doesn’t that p**s you off?”

A couple scattered voices seem to agree, but most protestors don’t seem to agree with his assertion that the KKK is behind American police forces.

“Come on, let’s hear it, does it p**s you off?” the man yells again, before claiming, ”This country was torn away from the native peoples on the same lies that we’re receiving today.”

Then he provides a real-life example of Godwin’s law, claiming, ”This is paving the road to Nazism!”


Wow. That’s embarrassing.

This wacko has obviously been enjoying the Kool-Aid his liberal professors have been pouring down his gullet. Pretty much every word out of his mouth sounds like the insane ramblings of  some uber-progressive, liberal hippy-dippy who spends way too much time reading Saul Alinsky and other Communist best sellers from dead philosophers nobody cares about.

The fact this guy believes the KKK are running the country should make anyone with a brain pause and reflect on the insanity flowing from this nut’s mouth. We have a black president for crying out loud! How, with a black president, could the KKK possibly be playing any significant role in how this country is run?

No, the KKK isn’t running the show. I’m pretty sure that most decent human beings loathe and despise the KuKluxKlan and have denounced their behavior, ideology, and hateful racism. With the universal disapproval of this organization, how in the world could they have gained such a place of powerful prominence as to control what happens in America?

Exactly. They can’t.

It’s pretty obvious this guy just wanted some attention. He wanted to play “William Wallace” and get a crowd all fired up with some cheesy motivational speech and lead the charge against injustice. But instead he came off sounding like a moron, and failed miserably in achieving his goal.

We can only hope that at some point in this wreck, folks will stop with all of the hate, rioting, and violence and start wanting to be good to each other. It’s time to forget about skin color and think about loving each other as fellow human beings.

Let’s hope that message sinks in for young, obscure miscreants like the one in this video, or else much more of this lunacy is on the horizon.




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