What Protesters in D.C. Admitted About Ferguson Proves Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder

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After the grand jury announced its decision not to pursue charges against Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, violent protests and demonstrations broke out across the country like an unsightly rash.

Many folks, including the Brown family, have come out condemning the rioting, looting, and total anarchy that so-called “supporters” of the slain black man have been gleefully participating in for the last several days.

Of course, there are a few loony leftists who think a bunch of armed thugs burning down their city in protest is a good thing. Two knuckleheads from D.C. recently admitted during interviews with the media that they fully supported the violent reactions to the grand jury decision.

This, folks, is the cream of the crop of society.

From TheBlaze:

“I’m supporting the people of Ferguson and their reaction to the indictment,” one unidentified woman told the Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph Tuesday night.

“But, not the violent reactions,” Joseph replied, seeking clarification.

“No, that’s exactly what I’m supporting,” the woman, carrying a “support the Ferguson Rebellion” sign answered.

Joseph asked another individual what he meant by expressing support for “the rebellion.”

“I mean like the people in the street, in Ferguson,” the man responded.

“Not the ones committing the violence though,” Joseph pressed.

“We’re supporting, well yeah, we’re supporting everybody,” the individual responded.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

No one with a shred of human decency and a drop of common sense would ever support the violent destruction and mob mentality of a bunch of anarchist rioters and looters unless they were either completely evil or clinically insane.

I’m betting it’s probably a bit of both in this case.

All Americans have the right to protest and voice their opinion on issues that matter to them, but there are limits that need to be considered and observed. Such as not destroying property, looting businesses, and assaulting law enforcement with bottles of urine.

Yes, that last one actually happened. Pretty sick, isn’t it?

Perhaps at some point in this mess the people in Ferguson will snap out of their funk and realize their actions aren’t going to produce any real, positive change, nor is it going to win hearts and minds to their cause. It they are truly serious about wanting to make things better, they need to tear a page out of MLK’s playbook and learn the meaning of the phrase “peaceful protest.”

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