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Oregon’s Scores The Craziest Touchdown of The Year


Just when you think you’ve seen everything… wait till you see how the Ducks ran the length of the the field for a touchdown against Utah on Saturday.

The Utah players thought they had a taken a 14-0 lead early in the second quarter in their upset bid against fourth-ranked Oregon.

Instead, Oregon was given a touchdown after the Utes receiver inexplicably dropped the ball before entering the end zone and the Ducks picked the ball up and returned it 100 yards for the tying score.

It started when everybody thought Utah had scored on a 79-yard touchdown pass to Kaelin Clay, including the Utah fans and even the announcers.

But while the players and fans were celebrating, something bizarre was happening on the field, and only about three people realized it.

Clay had clearly dropped the ball about one yard before entering the end zone.

But before Utah could get to the loose ball, linebacker Joe Walker (No. 35) picked it up.

Walker added a caravan of blockers as he raced toward the other end of the field. It wasn’t until about midfield that ESPN cameras picked up on what was going on. Until then, none of this was shown live, and we got to see the shenanigans only in replays later.

They’ll never live this one down…


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