OMG! He’s Big, Bigger than All the Rest [video]

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In basketball, size matters. Bob Wegner’s size is head and shoulders above everyone else. See what I did there?

Anyway, this guy is REALLY tall. I look up to him for that. Ha, I did it again.

Stop goofing off, and show us the proof. Here ya go.
h/t: Daily Mail

A basketball player who measures a whopping 7ft 8in is believed to be the world’s tallest pro athlete.

Bob Wegner – or ‘Big Bob’ as he’s known – is taller than current record holder British basketball player Paul Sturgess who stands at 7ft 7.26in.

The 21-year-old has a hand span of 28cm across and wears a U.S. shoe size of 23 (A UK 22).

Bob from Strafford, New Hampshire, plays for the Lake Michigan Admirals, making him the world’s tallest professional sportsman.

I wonder how long he was at birth. He was probably one heck of a long baby!


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