Officer Darren Wilson to Resign From Police Force

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Well, everyone pretty much assumed that Officer Darren Wilson would resign from his post with the Ferguson Police Department sooner or later, and it looks like that time is now.

Wilson was recently acquitted by a grand jury in the shooting death of Michael Brown, which means the law enforcement officer will not face any charges, a decision that sent Brown supporters into a furious frenzy of rioting, looting, and other various kinds of destruction.

From NY Post:

“It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when,” Officer Darren Wilson’s attorney, Neil Bruntrager, told CNN. “He’s on paid leave, and there are discussions that are going on right now to separate from the department in an amicable fashion.”

While he always wanted to be a cop, the shooting has shattered that dream.
“Do you really think it’s possible?” he asked Stephanopoulos. “I mean, do you think they would accept me? Do you think it would be safe for me? Those are all questions, not only for me, but for the other officers. Is the attention brought to me going to hurt one of them?”

How sad is this?

Race hustlers all across America have ruined this man’s life and destroyed his dreams, all over a shooting that appears to be a clear case of self-defense–according to the evidence and the grand jury.

At this point, the only question left to ask is how Wilson and the new members of his family will ever be able to live a “normal” life now that his face and name have come to be wrongfully associated with racism? It’s going to be nearly impossible to enjoy the quality of life he previously had, a fact which no doubt makes Michael Brown supporters very happy.

Let’s hope that he and his family can find peace and healing, regardless of the direction life takes them.


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