Obama’s Preschool for All Initiative – part two

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Continuing from Part One, published November 14:

Preschool for All, President Obama’s proposal for public preschool centers is facing a lot of criticism, for good reasons. What’s wrong with private preschools and home day care? Or, better yet, a stay at home parent?


What Obama is trying to mandate will create more government jobs, if only for managing the program.  That entails the rampant abuse and fraud of all the other government programs, and requires more tax-payer funds used for office space, employee incomes, bonuses and pensions.  He just loves to grow government and then take credit for creating jobs!

I am skeptical.  In order to participate in enrolling theses taxpayer funded students, what will the preschools be required to teach – Common Core, political correctness, White Privilege and anti-Christian bias?

Obama’s progressive Department of Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, has declared that government-funded Universal Preschool is a “social movement” such as civil rights and gay marriage.  As Hitler once said, “He alone who owns the youth gains the future”.  This is just one more Welfare program.  Our children will be taught what the government wants them to learn, all at taxpayer expense.

Obama understands that for many families the costs of preschool, plus transportation and wardrobe, eat up most of the mother’s salary.  For those mothers, not all, I make this suggestion:  make do with less, don’t spend more than you make, and stay home with your children.  This is your only chance to be there for them while you are so important to them: to teach them, encourage them, support them, instill your values in them, oversee their activities, play with them, read to them, instill in them the value of a good education and hard work, and be a full-time parent to them.

Don’t cede those privileges to a daycare or preschool provider.  Enjoy the privilege of raising the children you brought into this world.  You have plenty of time to hold a job when your children are in school all day.

Obama believes that he always knows what is best for us, so he indignantly told us that mothers will be condemned to a lifetime of lower wages if they stay at home.  It is a temporary restraint to your incomes and careers, but for those who can do it, it is well worth the cost.  Mr. President, we should be encouraging mothers to mother their own children!  We should not listen to you and to Hillary Clinton who famously said, “It takes a village” – as she promoted more government interference in the raising of our children.

If we didn’t know you so well, we would wonder, Whatever could you be thinking?  But we are on to you – we do know that your agenda seeks to make government the dictator and provider of all things,  for then government has all the power.  This program of yours is nothing but a true war on women, a war on mothers.

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