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Obama’s Plan to Destroy America


Today is election day.  Barack Obama and the Democrats are desperate people and desperate people are dangerous.  At ten minutes to seven here in Phoenix, Arizona we don’t know the outcome of the election but it looks like Republicans will add to their majority in the House and take control of the Senate.  If that happens we are sure of two things, first and most dangerous, Barack Obama will take this as a personal rebuke from the American people and he will go into a mode of all out war against a Republican Congress and the people who sent those Senators to Washington.  Second, the Democrats will move into tyranny mode, supporting Obama’s moves to be the Emperor of the Americas as he works to govern without the consent of the Congress.

He’s been very successful at governing without Congress and the Democrats have enabled him in every way.  In his first term, with control of both Houses of Congress, he jammed a poorly thought out, poorly written ObamaCare through the Congress by lying about every facet of the program.  It hasn’t reduced the cost of healthcare, it’s increased it.  It hasn’t expanded healthcare, it appears to have expanded coverage, mostly in Medicaid, but the deductibles on the insurance appear to be keeping less well off individuals from using their coverage because they can’t pay the deductibles.  That will get worse as the program expands.  It’s also reducing access because doctors – up to 25% today and rising – are refusing to take ObamaCare patients.  Up to half of doctors and hospitals won’t take Medicaid patients.

The real concern today though isn’t ObamaCare, we’re stuck with it for at least two more years.  The real concern is illegal immigration and the 15+ million illegal aliens who are still streaming over the border from Mexico.  President Obama has virtually stopped deportations and it appears Homeland Security isn’t even bothering to track illegal aliens once they go through the “catch & release” program at the southern border, about 150 miles from where we’re sitting.  That’s about to get ratcheted up.

The Obama administration has been lying about their practices on the border since their first day in office.  The Democrats plan is simple, and it will destroy America.

  1. Legalize the current crop of illegal aliens, mostly poor, uneducated, unskilled Mexicans and Central Americans, by whatever means necessary.
  2. Change the voter registration laws to look more like Oregon or Colorado’s, passed by Democratic legislatures and signed into law by Democratic governors.  Election day registration, no ID required.
  3. Work permits – green cards – for all illegals.
  4. Chain immigration – putting family members of the now legal aliens at the head of the line to immigrate legally.  More poor, uneducated, unskilled Mexicans and Central Americans.

We’re not talking about a million or two “immigrants.”  We’re talking about a minimum of 15 million illegal aliens who are already here plus another 30 million plus family members.  45 to 50 million new illegal Democrat voters.  Most of them will be on welfare.  They will overrun the schools – they already are – with uneducated students who don’t speak English.

This will be Obama’s legacy.  He can’t get legislation through the Congress, even if Democrats hold the Senate.  He’ll do it by executive order.  DHS has already ordered up to 32 million new green cards, set for delivery after the election.

We expect The Emperor will act during the lame duck session of Congress, after the election and before the new Congress is sworn in.  The question is, how to stop him.

No legislation will be enacted that will force the President to enforce existing immigration laws, he’ll veto it and no Democrat will vote to override.  No legislation will pass that will effectively stop him from executive amnesty.  Again, he’ll veto it, no Democrat will vote to override.

The Congress can file suit and take the action to court.  It’s not likely that any lower court judge will be able to stop the action, and it would be a minimum of three years – Obama will be out of office – to get the case to the Supreme Court, unless they agree to take the case on an expedited motion.

We’re interested in the outcome of today’s election, but we’re much more interested in how Republicans are going to stop the coming tsunami of illegal Democrats about to flood the nation.  The really interesting thing to us is that the people who will be hurt immediately and hurt the most in the long run are Obama’s black voting block.  Unfortunately, they appear to be too stupid to recognize that in terms of employment and poverty, in terms of opportunity, they’re going to be looking back on 2014 as “the good old days.”

The President, his policies, and the willing collaboration of elected Democrats across the board – especially elected black Democrats – have brought the black population in the US the highest unemployment rates they’ve seen in decades, the highest poverty numbers, and the worst chance to get out of the plantation that Democrats have built over the past 50 years.

But they haven’t seen anything yet.  Unfortunately, we probably haven’t either.


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