Obama’s Duet With Willie Nelson Is So Cringe-Inducing It May Make You Sick

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Ever since taking office back in 2008, President Obama and his administration full of big government goons have created an almost endless supply of moronic moments, both on camera and off, that will be used by conservatives to mock and shame the liberal movement for decades to come.

The latest tomfoolery Obama has engaged in has him attempting to sing a duet with world famous country legend Willie Nelson. Yes, Willie “I like to Puff the Magic Dragon” Nelson actually allowed the worst president in the history of this nation to get up on stage with him and do a sing-a-long.

I hope you all have a barf bag ready, because what you are about to see is so painfully awkward, pathetic, and just plain sickening that you may feel the overwhelming need to toss your cookies.

From YouTube:


This may cause me to have nightmares for a month.

President Obama’s top priority seems to be finding new ways to remain “culturally relevant,” instead of actually doing his job, which is what people really want him to do.

One would think Obama “The Boy King” would’ve gotten this message loud and clear after the brutal slaughter the Democratic Party took last week in the elections. Nope. He either totally missed it, or he’s completely ignoring it. My money’s on the latter.

America doesn’t need a leader who is culturally savvy. We need a leader that is principled, moral, and who loves the Constitution. Someone who actually gives a rip about the rule of law and will do his or her duty to protect freedom and liberty, not seek creative ways to destroy them.

Let’s hope that since Republicans now have full control of Congress, Obama’s agenda will slam to a halt, and we’ll have the momentum we need to not only survive the next two years, but to vigorously work toward restoring this country to greatness.


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