ObamaPhones? No, More Like ObamaFrauds

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CBS News in Denver did a story on ObamaPhones.  You remember those right?  “Free” phones that are given away to “low income” people so they can have a phone number when they apply for a job.  Or if they need to call 911,  It’s a government program called “Lifeline” that started with a good intent.  Well, a supposedly good intent.  The Obama administration has expanded the program to a two billion dollar a year venture.

Here’s why the program expanded.

Got it?  Good.

Now then here’s the reality of ObamaPhones in Denver.  And don’t think for a second that Denver is not typical.

That’s Obama for you.

We’d go get an ObamaPhone, but we don’t have an iPhone and it seems like that’s what it takes, along with a heart for fraud, to get one.

ObamaFraud.  Telephones are just a pebble on the pile.  As we’ve been reporting, ObamaCare was an ObamaFraud too, perpetrated on who the Obama administration calls “Stupid American voters.”

Twenty six months to go.

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