ObamaCare is Here to Stay: Why Republicans Can’t and Won’t Do a Thing

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The NY Times is reporting that the new Republican Congress can’t gut ObamaCare, but they left out something really important: The GOP has no interest in stopping, repealing, gutting, uprooting or anything else having to do with ObamaCare.

Why do I say that? Why have I been saying that for years? Because ObamaCare is the best thing to ever happen to this group of establishment GOP leaders and followers. They just slaughtered Democrats in the mid-terms and every damn one of them used “ObamaCare” in every other sentence in their campaigns.

John Boehner, Paul RyanRepublicans love ObamaCare – it put them back into power. They don’t have to lead, they don’t have to actually do anything, they don’t have to risk any new ideas – they have ObamaCare to run on.

They’re not going to repeal it – not before the 2016 elections – I guarantee it. Maybe they’ll ride this horse forever?

It’s better than Watergate and will last longer than the Vietnam War.

Even the media can’t battle the Republicans on this one. ObamaCare sucks.

Let’s be clear: ObamaCare is here to stay. Here’s the NY Times take:

Republicans may have promised to repeal or at least do a big makeover of Obamacare now that they control both the House and the Senate, but most experts believe it’s lip service only.
The 2010 Affordable Care Act is in full force across the country, with internet-based health insurance exchanges up and running, expanded Medicaid in 28 states and strict new requirements for health insurers. Here are five reasons the GOP-led Congress won’t be able to change much.
The veto.
This is the big one: President Barack Obama still has veto power. Republicans may have a majority in the Senate, but they don’t have the 60 seats needed to override a Democratic-led filibuster or a presidential veto. And Obama’s not going to allow his signature piece of legislation to be gutted.


They’re half right, but missing the big story: It’s not just lip-service. It’s a lie..

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