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Obama on the Mid-Term Results: Not ME!


George Will and Britt Hume analyzed President Obama’s post election press conference yesterday and it comes up just like we’d expected.

Bottom line, the election results had absolutely nothing to do with him, the American people had “an unprovoked and inexplicable tantrum,” and that people were upset that “nothing was getting done.”  George Will points out that, in fact, a lot has been done over the last six years.

Will then pointed to examples of things that have gotten done during Obama’s presidency, such as Obamacare, the stimulus, and the Dodd-Frank Act “a lot has been done, and clearly the public doesn’t think a lot about this.”

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume added, “he [Obama] basically, at one point said, not in so many words, ‘if the Republicans have some ideas that I like, I’ll listen to them.’ Well, thank you very much Mr. President.”

In other words, come tell me what I want to hear and I’ll listen.

The next two years are going to be really, really ugly.  We’re hoping the Republican leadership is getting a spine for Christmas and that they’ll change the way they’ve been trying to compromise with Obama at every turn.But then again, you know how that “hope and change” stuff works out.


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