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Now What?


Now what will the GOP do? What will they do…

Anyone sitting around waiting for Barack Obama to acknowledge the abject beat-down of his socialist agenda on Tuesday needs to grab a Snickers Bar and start rethinking, because it ain’t happening.

Barack Obama is a narcissist like we’ve never had in the Oval Office and there’s no being wrong or even the possibility you might be wrong with this cat. There’s only stupid and racist Americans out there clinging to their guns, Bibles and Constitution – and the next two years are not going to be pretty. by Rodney Lee Conover

The question in my mind is, will the GOP send the President bills to overturn the unmitigated health care debacle, deemed to have passed with parliamentary tricks and bribes by Nancy Pelosi’s ring of fools? How about some reasonable spending cuts, entitlement reform, tax relief?

Wait- I got it: They can eliminate the Departments of Energy, Education, the EPA, IRS, DHS and every other thing they’ve been campaigning on for the past 5 years! Why is it that every person reading this knows I’m being sarcastic? Why isn’t it actually going to happen?

Let’s be honest with ourselves at least – the GOP isn’t going to do any of this.

The next thing that’s gonna happen is to work out a compromise for more spending, “fixing” ObamaCare and a dressed up Amnesty plan. Don’t believe me? You’re in denial. The GOP leadership has no interest in conservatives and spent a whole lotta money trying to shut you up.

God, did you get a load of Kevin McCarthy Tuesday night? A walking GOP cliche – just like Cantor, only louder. While he was promising  the blah, blah, blah I actually bought a used Buick from him. That’s right – Buick. Funnier than Oldsmobile or Ford. The hard “K”. But I digress..

Where is the evidence that this group of Republicans will be different? There really is a need for them to get the train back on track, or at least try. I’d be satisfied with just stopping government expansion for a couple years so we can come up for air maybe.

Obama-Pelosi-ReidKeep an eye on Democrats too. Will they do the right thing and put down their old dog Harry Reid and escort the embarrassing Nancy Pelosi out the back doors of power?

What a couple of horrible people to be calling your leaders, there Dems. The House under Nancy and Harry’s Senate were nothing more than partisan tools in the hands of greedy hacks.

Is there any evidence that Republicans will do a damn thing about Obama’s upcoming series of actions to allow millions of more illegal aliens into the country and legalize millions more already here? Will they actually help him? Yes. Yes, they will.

But you go ahead and hang onto that dream where the GOP doesn’t take money from powerful groups who want cheap labor. C’mon – John Boehner has never been for Amnesty or anything like it. Never tried to get with the Prez and pass it against your will.

Keep on telling yourselves that the Republicans now in power dig conservative voters and are listening to your cries for balanced budgets, tax reform, a fence, the dismantling of the EPA and any other fantasies you’ve been sold.

Yes, the economy will get better and your 401k will look good for a while, so sit back and relax. The Republicans are in charge and life is going to be even better because 2016 is right around the corner and we’ll have the triple crown soon. It’ll be 2000 all over again. Yikes!

I’m actually looking forward to when Obama really flaunts his disdain for Congress over the next two years by continuing to rewrite laws, ignoring legislation he doesn’t like and using executive action wherever and whenever, in total disregard of the Constitution,.

mitch-mcconnell-john-boehner-2009-10-15-13-41-59 I can’t wait to see the look on the GOP leadership’s face at the moment of truth.

Do you really think they’ll defund anything, impeach someone or hold anybody accountable for anything?

Sorry, I do not and I simply base it on the fact that this crowd never used their power over the past four years under Article One, once. Not once did they do their duty.

These are essentially the same people who were the worst stewards of the nation in history until Pelosi, Reid and Obama came along and showed them how it’s done. Republicans have been watching the trillions go to the wrong cronies for years and now that the debt ceiling has been turned into a retractable stadium dome – it’s their turn.

Barack Obama was on every ballot in the country on Tuesday, no matter what the lapdogs say. Americans do not want his crap and even the numbskulls who put him in power in the first place agreed by staying home and doing whatever the hell it is they do. What do they do, by the way? Forget it, I don’t want to know.

So will this slowdown the slide into the socialist mud? Can onerous regulations, taxes and government largess be stopped or will it be the usual lip-service from Republicans after they order the new office furniture?

Pinch yourself. Spending will continue to rise, Amnesty will march forward and ObamaCare is here to stay.

Same as the old boss. Sorry.

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