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Now Can We Please Talk About Impeachment?


Our guy Tad Cronn has a terrific article over at Political Outcast about the GOP growing a pair and getting on with some impeachment proceedings. Enjoy:
Well, enough Americans finally woke up, and enough other Americans stayed away, that we finally were able to give Democrats the sort of smackdown they have so richly deserved for so long. The results of Tuesday’s election returned a wave of GOP candidates to Congress, expanding the House Republican contingent to historic levels and handing the Senate back to the GOP.

HarryReidSenate Majority Leader Harry Reid got an overdue “You’re Fired!” from the American public, clearing the way for a Congress that can get things done, so long as it has the political will to do so.

The irony of this election, of course, is that President Obama has spent so much time blaming Republicans for blocking him in Congress, when the biggest obstruction to legislation has been Reid.

Without Reid to run defense for him, Obama is going to have to take it upon himself to either confront the GOP or work with them.

Since he is psychologically incapable of working with other people as equals, discussing ideas in a non-ideological way and reaching a compromise, he will continue to be at loggerheads with conservatives and to blame them for his failed policies. That’s why now is the time for Republicans to seize the initiative and put a stop to the Obama regime once and for all, not to work with him.

Over the past six years, Obama has dragged this country down. The economy continues to wallow in joblessness and government excess. This president’s Administration has lied to the public about economic recovery.

Despite rosy numbers churned out by the White House ministry of propaganda, the reality of poverty and a society on the brink of financial collapse is visible in the streets, in the shopping malls, at the nation’s food pantries and in the empty businesses and homes in cities like Detroit and Los Angeles, and small towns in places like California’s San Joaquin Valley, once the world’s bread basket, now just a basket case filled with farms where nothing is grown.

This president has gotten away with scandal after scandal that would have had Democrats howling for a GOP president’s blood. NSA spying. IRS intimidation. DOJ racism. Fast and Furious. Benghazi. The Arab Spring. The Iraq retreat. The arming of ISIS. And those are just a few of the most current ones.

Most egregious of all, however, has been Obama’s usurpation of congressional authority and violation of the constitutional separation of powers. Up till now, the congressional GOP delegation has done little or nothing to stop Obama beyond the occasional stymie of some legislation. House Speaker John Boehner threatened to sue Obama, but the public has yet to see any action on that front. The whole logic behind suing Obama in the first place had been that because of Reid’s lockdown of the Senate, any efforts to investigate or rebuke Obama were blocked.

Now that roadblock is gone. So here is the moment. It’s time to bring Obama up on impeachment charges.

But some conservatives fear impeachment would bring everything crashing down on the GOP. There’s no doubt the media and the Democrats would try to play the race card and claim obstructionism and everything under the sun. But the truth is with the GOP, and the public is finally primed to hear it.

Those same conservatives who fear impeachment claim it would only distract from the many Obama scandals that are finally being covered by some of the media. But I say impeachment proceedings would only amplify the scandals, because they would supply the meat of impeachment charges…

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