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Mid-terms Affirm the Rule of Law!


These were, indeed, historic mid-terms.  Our country was turned from the precipice of doom to a country with the chance to restore the values of freedom, constitutional law and smaller government.

It won’t be easy, but no longer should we need to fear a President who behaves as a dictator.  This flies in the face of the New York Times Editorial this week saying that we should halt mid-term elections.

We have found how wise our Founding Fathers were in this regard, for they wanted to prevent any one President from acting against the interests of our country, by having the mid-terms. It was the design all along for the two houses of Congress to debate issues and laws so that laws are only passed that have been fully considered and passed by both Houses.

It was never intended for the party in control to be able to simply make a list of wishes and make them come true with no dissent.

The very first black Senator from the South was elected, Tim Scott of South Carolina.

The very first black female Republican was elected to Congress, Mia Love of Utah.

The first black President has been elected twice.  Now can we stop with the racial division?

No longer can it be said that we conservatives will not vote for someone with dark skin.  It is what the person stands for which we weigh when we vote.

Exit polls noted that the electorate was most concerned about jobs.  Immigration came in 3rd, at 15%.  Aside from approving the Keystone Pipeline and once again promoting clean-coal ventures and more fracking, I believe that jobs and immigration are closely linked.

The first job of Congress should be blocking President Obama’s stated goal of using his Executive Pen to allow up to 34 million illegals to invade America, with the added benefit of providing them Work Permits.  Likewise, Amnesty and voting rights for those 11 million who have been in our country illegally for many years. This is in direct conflict with the votes of Congress, and a dangerous precedent for the usurpation of the Constitutional Separation of Powers.  As Obama has said, he finds the Constitution to be a contract of negative values, not one which spells out what the government CAN do.

This immigration action would change America forever, and should be stopped in any way possible, including Impeachment, as it demonstrates a total repudiation of the President’s Oath of Office to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  That includes our laws, duly passed by Congress and signed into law by our President.

There is time for a new health care law, and the over 360 bills passed by the House and never voted on by the Senate, and all the scandals of Obama –  after the immigration problem is solved and our borders are at last secure.   First things first!


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