Michael Brown’s Mother is in Total Denial. Total. **VIDEO**

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First of all, we actually have sympathy for Michael Brown’s parents.  God didn’t build people to bury their children.  It’s painful beyond understanding.  That said, Michael Brown’s parents should spend some time quietly mourning and stay the hell away from the race hustlers they’ve surrounded themselves with.

Here’s Brown’s mother on CBS…

Who’d have thought a river as big as the Nile could find it’s way to Ferguson MO.

Brown’s mom is living in a dream world.  Her “gentile giant” meme was discredited early on after the shooting with the release of the video of Michael Brown shoplifting a box of cigars and roughing up the store owner.

Then there’s the grand jury testimony.  A number of people came forward to testify before the grand jury who wouldn’t go on camera for fear – and rightfully so – of their lives.  Their testimony was very consistent and was confirmed by the physical evidence at the scene.

  • Wilson knew there had been a robbery and had a description of the perp;
  • He spotted Brown and his companion walking in the middle of the street and they fit the general description of the perp;
  • He called for backup;
  • He rolled up next to Brown in his police car, identified the cap and yellow socks the perp was wearing and told the two men to move to the sidewalk;
  • Brown came over to the car, refused to comply with Wilson’s order and a scuffle ensued;
  • Brown reached inside the car and tried to take Wilson’s gun, Wilson fired two shots and one apparently hit Brown on the finger;
  • Brown punched Wilson and ran;
  • Wilson gave chase;
  • Brown stopped running, turned around and charged Wilson who fired several rounds at Brown;
  • Brown stopped, Wilson stopped firing;
  • Brown put his head down and charged Wilson, Wilson fired several more shots, finally killing Brown.

The multiple witnesses who testified to this were black.  Just like Michael Brown, except they weren’t felons.

Here’s some un-asked for advice that you likely won’t heed, we are, after all, racist to our lilly-white core.  Stay away from the race mongers.  If Barack Obama comes to Ferguson (and you can bet on it – in January – never let a good crisis go to waste) don’t meet with him.

Do yourself a favor.  Go have a time of mourning.  Come to terms, as best you can, with the fact that your son was the proximate cause of his own death.  Then get on with your life.  Please.

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