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Maryland v Penn State – Unsportsmanlike Conduct?


From our friends at Breitbart

The captains of the University of Maryland football team refused to shake hands with their counterparts for Penn State at the coin toss of Saturday’s game. The snub led to awkward stares and empty, extended hands.

Full disclosure, we have no idea why the Terrapin captains refused to shake hands with the captains from Pedophile State.  Whatever the reason, we offer our hearty approval.

We don’t pay much attention to football, college or pro, but we do pay attention to our culture, and we’re disgusted that the NCAA (a disgusting organization even without this particular incident) let Pedophile State off with a slap on the wrist for allowing a pedophile football coach to used the school’s football program as an entrapment device to rape young boys.  That is the poster incident for unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of the team, the highest levels of the administration, and the university.

His actions were known or suspected by other coaches and the administration and they were more worried about their precious football program than they were about young, underprivileged boys being raped in the showers.  The idea that Pedophile State is allowed to field a football team is repulsive.

Just so we’re clear, if you’re a Pedophile State fan and defender, you’re a repulsive excuse for a human being too.


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