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Maine Seeks Court Order To Keep Nurse In Quarantine


The State of Maine is desperately trying to do what the medical profession and common sense says regarding the potential spread of Ebola: They’re trying to force a nurse who treated Ebola patients in Africa into standard quarantine procedures.

After a days-long battle with Maine governor Paul LePage, Kaci Hickox, a nurse who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, has officially won the right to go outside.

Now the State needs a court order to keep her inside her home, because she is threatening to sue in order to leave her home.

maine21 Days seems like a small price to pay with an issue so unknown. But people are selfish, scared and political with this disease.

Hickox, who had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone, was quarantined in a New Jersey hospital last weekend after a forehead scanner at the Newark airport indicated she had a temperature of 101 degrees.

Fever is an early symptom of Ebola.

But by the time she arrived at the hospital, doctors took another temperature reading and told Hickox she no longer had a fever, according to her own account.

Since then, Hickox has been tested twice for Ebola. Both times, she tested negative for the virus. Since Ebola can only be transmitted by patients who are currently experiencing symptoms (and, of course, only if they actually have the virus), experts say Hickox presents little risk to others.

On Monday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) released Hickox, allowing her to return to her Fort Kent, Maine, home. But in Maine, Hickox became the center of a political battle, as LePage—who is in a tight reelection fight—attempted to quarantine Hickox for the remainder of the 21-day Ebola incubation period. Maine’s director of Health and Human Services said that the state government would seek a court order to keep Hickox from leaving her home.


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