Judge Napolitano: Immigration Proposal Sucks and is an Impeachable Violation of the Constitution

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Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before President Obama would do what he does best–that’s break the law for those of you a bit behind the times–and ram another piece of unconstitutional legislation down the throats of the American people.

According to a memo that was obtained by Fox News, “King Barry” has plans to push a 10-point immigration plan into law through the use of an executive order within the next few weeks. This, of course, is the president’s way of pouting and whining about the shellacking his party took in the midterms last week.

It’s always been his plan to do “immigration reform” through executive order, but he grew more obstinate once he found out Republicans would be taking control of both the House and the Senate.

According to Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano, the plan is pretty horrible, and the provisions it contains are “impeachable violations of the Constitution.”

What has Judge Nap so riled up?

Well, the plan itself will allow 4.5 million illegal immigrants who are living with their anchor babies to stay in the U.S., give ICE agents a pay raise, and provide another way for illegals to gain citizenship by joining the military. This is just scratching the surface, there’s plenty more unconstitutional junk where that came from.

Judge Napolitano said that Obama is essentially attempting to circumvent the entire legal process and change the law to allow illegals to stay in the country, which is an impeachable offense.

“Under the Constitution, only the Congress can rewrite the law. So you have the president rewriting the law and failing to comply with his oath. What does that equal? That equals serious violations of the Constitution. That equals offenses that rise to the level of impeachability,” said Napolitano.

While Napolitano said the offense is worthy of the president being given a swift boot to the rear end, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Republicans to pursue that course of action, nor does he believe they will.

It’s quite obvious that Barack Obama is doing his best to expand the Democratic Party voter base by sweet talking illegals with free goodies, including a ticket to stay in the U.S., despite doing so being completely against the law.

This country doesn’t need immigration reform, it needs immigration enforcement. We already have a system in place, it just needs to be used. There should be a fence and armed patrols put in place to stop illegals from waltzing onto American soil. Anyone who makes it across should be sent right back home. It’s that simple.

As far as impeaching Obama, I tend to fall into the camp that thinks the guy should be handed a pink slip, then put in cuffs and carted off to prison. He’s broken the law too many times to count, and any other American would be locked up for life for committing similar offenses.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen. It looks like we’re stuck with ole Barry for two more years. We can, at least for the moment, take comfort in the fact that conservatives have taken control of Congress and can slow or stop the bleeding our country is experiencing under Obama’s leadership.


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