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Joe Manchin, Republican?


Joe Manchin is the Senior Senator from West Virginia.  His new Junior Senator, Shelley Moore Capito who captured the seat that had been held since the beginning of time by Jay Rockefeller and did it with 62% of the vote, is a Republican.  While she’s not a “conservative” as we are, she ran on a platform of repealing ObamaCare, no amnesty, border security first, stopping the “War on Coal.” and a host of issues that we’re very happy to agree with her on.

Senator Manchin, as we’re sure you’ve figured out, Senator-elect Capito is harmonizing with West Virginia voters and the party to which you belong is not.  It’s past time for you to take a really hard look at reality.  Today’s Democratic Party is NOT your father’s Democratic Party.  It’s the Party of Barack Obama, of Harry Reid, of Nancy Pelosi, of the thankfully late Ted Kennedy.  It’s the Party of Norman Thomas who was the permanent presidential candidate for the Socialist Party in the US.  Thomas said, in 1944, seventy years ago,

…one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened…. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

That is today’s Democratic Party, in fact, they’ve adopted things that Norman Thomas probably would have found strange.

We bring this up to Senator Manchin because here’s what he had to say on MSNBC.

“It doesn’t make sense that we have to fight so hard against our own government and our own administration and our President to try to find a balance,” said Manchin on MSNBC.

Manchin said West Virginians have “the perception of the government attacking them, which basically is what’s happening.”

Manchin added, “The people are speaking loud and clear. They don’t like what they’re seeing. I don’t like what I’ve been involved with the last four years and I’ve been very vocal about that.”

Senator Manchin, It’s time to put up or shut up.  It’s time for you to join the Party that more closely represents the interests of your constituents.  We will happy to welcome you to the Republican Party.  You will be respected, as will your views, and most importantly, your constituents.


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