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Joe Maddon Will Manage the Cubs to a World Series


That’s right – I said it. The Cubs are not waiting around to find the right manager – they’ve found and landed Joe Maddon from Tampa and replaced Rick Renteria with the man many believe can take the Northsiders all the way:

From ESPN:

After 20 years of working his way up the ladder, he took over the Chicago Cubs in the 2014 season and infused energy and optimism into the fan base and clubhouse. He won seven more games than his predecessor, Dale Sveum. And now, after just one year, the Cubs are throwing him to a Waveland Avenue curb. They fired him Friday afternoon.

maddonIf it’s any consolation, Bruce Bochy and Ned Yost were once told they were no longer wanted, either.

On Monday afternoon, the Cubs will formally introduce Joe Maddon as their 52nd manager since they last won the World Series in 1908.

People are pissing and moaning that it’s not fair – but it’s just business. If the cubs are willing to pay the remainder of Renteria’s contract to let him walk, that is their very right. Maddon had the opportunity to opt out, and he exercised his legal right.


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