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Jay Carney is Totally Out of Touch With Reality


Well, it’s not like he was ever really in touch with reality, but it appears that retirement has sent him over the edge.  Breitbart captured this gem on election night.

Here it is.

“I think no matter what happens, and I think it’s likely that Republicans win the Senate, the White House was planning to, and will try to engage with the new leaders of the Senate and the Congress, and make an effort to demonstrate a willingness to cooperate in a bipartisan fashion.”

The reality of dealing with this President is that his idea of “cooperation” is for the Republicans to do exactly what he wants or he will take “executive action.”  Here’s an exchange reported by the Wall St. Journal from an Obama meeting with Congressional leaders last Friday.

Mr. Obama told the lawmakers that he had already been patient waiting for the GOP-controlled House to act since the Senate passed a sweeping bipartisan immigration bill in June 2013.

At that point, Vice President Joe Biden asked how long Republicans might need to bring up an immigration bill, according to multiple people familiar with the meeting, asking if they might be ready by mid-February or another time this spring. Mr. Obama gave him a look that ended that line of discussion, the people said.

We can look for action on amnesty by Christmas by President MightyPen.  And, while we don’t agree with much David Gergen says, RealClearPolitics caught this gem, and his conclusion is absolutely right.

The loser has to say I’m going to be willing to change course as Bob said then the Republicans have to respond. If the president first moment out of the box says, by the way I really want to work with you, first I’m going to spit in your face over immigration now let’s sit down and compromise.

And that’s the best summary of Barack Obama’s – and the Democrats’ – style of cooperation we’ve seen in a long time.  It’s gonna be a long two years.


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