ISIS Muslims Butcher a US Army Vet

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Peter Kassig, a US Army vet who served as a Ranger in Iraq in 2007, was reportedly butchered by Muslims.  Here’s the man they butchered.

Mr Kassig, 26, served in the American military and was deployed to Iraq in 2007 with the US Army Rangers, developing a deep interest in the Middle East.

After an honourable discharge, he moved to Beirut and set up a medical charity, which specialised in delivering aid to refugee camps.

He was taken hostage in October last year during a trip to deliver food and medical supplies to Deir Ezzour in eastern Syria

In addition to Kassig, the video they released shows the gruesome slaughter of a group of Syrian soldiers.

We’re not shy about laying this slaughter at the feet of every Muslim, worldwide.  The Muslim religion has been practicing slaughter for 1,400 years, since their Pedophile Prophet commanded them convert, slaughter, or enslave their neighbors.  The only time they’ve let up is when they’ve taken to slaughtering one another.  We’ll go on record right now as approving of Muslims butchering Muslims.

In the video, the narrator threatens the slaughter of citizens on our streets.  We have no doubt that will continue to happen at the hands of US Muslims who simply take up the call.

It’s worth noting that after Kassig returned to Iraq to work with the Muslims, he converted, so they killed one of their own.  The object lesson here is that we should be sending our military to eliminate the problem – Muslims – and not feed it.


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