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In Wave Election, Voters Demand Recall on Amnesty and Obamacare


November 5th, 2014 By: Daniel Horowitz

Over the next few days, there will be copious pages written and thousands of sound bites from pundits trying to spin the election results.  But there is one unambiguous message, one unambiguous outcome, and one unambiguous mandate coming out of this election: Republicans achieved a near sweep of the elections because the American people want to shut down the Obama agenda.

The GOP now has the ability and the mandate to block [Obama’s] agenda, and they must do so.

The GOP now has the ability and the mandate to block his agenda, and they must do so.

The Obama agenda can be boiled down to three issues, which were clearly communicated to the voters through Republican ads; Obamacare, open borders & amnesty, and federal spending.  Whether Republicans really meant it or not, they all campaigned against amnesty and none of them publicly supported it.  Many of them were not great candidates, and often lacked a robust positive message, but they still won, and Democrats suffered a bloodbath.

It looks like Republicans will run the table on almost every Senate race and win as many as 54 seats.  They will win roughly 250 House seats, the most since 1928.  They won governorships in deep blue states, including Maryland – one of the few states Obama was allowed to show his face.

Yet, despite the impending defeat, Obama’s press secretary, Josh Earnest, defiantly told reporters that Obama will absolutely illegally grant amnesty  to millions of undocumented Democrats after the election.

But now Republicans have complete control over the budget process.  They can and must use it to block amnesty and Obamacare . There is nowhere to run; nowhere to hide.  They cannot run away from this seismic mandate, no matter how hard they try.  They can no longer hide behind the bromide of only controlling “one half of one third of government.” They have 100% control over the purse strings.

In light of this stunning defeat of the Democrats, Republican leaders must revoke their decision to write an omnibus bill during the lame duck.

In light of this stunning defeat of the Democrats, Republican leaders must revoke their decision to write an omnibus bill during the lame duck.  Instead, they must defund Obama’s lawlessness now and allow the next Congress to hold Obama accountable through the budget process.

But it will not happen on its own.  A rational person observing this wave election would conclude that Republicans will boldly fight Obama’s unpopular agenda with alacrity.  Sadly, Boehner made no mention of Obamacare and amnesty in his uninspiring response to the election results.

It is also time for Republicans to fire every one of their consultants.

In one of the biggest political hoaxes of all time, every Washington consultant said Republicans must promote open borders in order to become viable and win the Hispanic vote.  We always contended that if Republicans would only run against amnesty they would win the rest of the electorate and not lose nay Hispanic votes.  This is exactly what happened last night.  Even Karl Rove was forced to eat crow and run ads opposing amnesty.  Not only did they sweep the map, Republicans won 35% of the Latino vote.  In 2012, when the party refused to even talk about the issue, they won just 27%.

Imagine what would have happened had Republicans taken the advice of the political class?  They would have turned off 92% of the electorate that is not Latino, and there would have been a surge in Democrat Latino voters thanking Democrats, not Republicans, for passing amnesty.

Now these same consultants will warn Republicans that they must focus on “governing” instead of stopping Obama’s radical, and often illegal, agenda.  They must be ignored.

It’s time to listen to We the People.

It’s time to grant the American people amnesty from Obama’s radical transformation of our great Republic.


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