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Hey Barack, When You’ve Lost Ed Schultz…


Ed Schultz, an over-the-cliff Obamaphile and progressive nutcase MSNBC commentator, actually was able to figure out just how bad Tuesday was for his half-white knight.

Yesterday the President held a news conference and blamed the Democrats’ historic losses on: the American people, bad campaigns, Washington DC, and whatever.  He explicitly ignored the fact that he admitted, not three weeks ago, that his policies were on the ballot, and that puts him on the ballot.

Last month in an effort to remain politically relevant, against the wishes of fellow Democrats lame duck president Barack Obama inserted himself into the midterm election campaign by declaring:

“I am not on the ballot this fall…..But make no mistake: (My) policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.

And, just how did that work out for the President?

Tuesday, given an opportunity to pass judgment on “every single one” of Obama’s policies, American voters:

Increased opposition Republican House membership by a dozen to an historic majority unseen in more than six decades.

Increased his opposition’s Senate membership by at least seven to turn control of that chamber over to Republicans headed by a wily legislative veteran.

Reelected a bevy of targeted Republican governors whose aggressive policies are directly antithetical to Obama’s goals.

Rejected Democrat candidates personally endorsed by Obama, turning the governor’s office over to Republicans in three strongly Democrat states.

Handed control of six more state legislative chambers to Republicans, increasing their dominance from 2010 at that level.

But remember, those results are not Barack Obama’s fault.  The American people didn’t judge HIM.  He’s not accountable.  For anything.  Accountability is above his pay grade.

But as we noted at the beginning of this post, even a nutcase loon like Ed Schultz understands.

The President is an egocentric fool in very deep denial.  He will certainly make the next two years perhaps the nastiest two years in the history of the nation, but rest assured, we deserve it.  We offended His Perfectness.


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