Feminism in a Nutshell

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Feminists are a very small part of American society, but they’ve been handed an over-sized role when it comes to shaping our society and they’re working hand in hand to destroy it.  The last few weeks have produced two unique events that are the perfect snapshot for feminism and how completely wrong headed the philosophy is and how completely messed up it’s proponents are.

We’re not giving you anything new today, we’re just juxtaposing two events that address the subject.

The first occurred a few weeks ago when a group of feminists got a group of little girls together to prove just how filthy they could be.  The rant they produced is below, here’s your obligatory trigger warning, the script the little girls were given is overdone with the “F bomb.”  It’s offensive.

We’re also going to note that if you’re not up to being offended for a couple of minutes to find out what’s really going on in our culture you need to adjust your priorities because you’re living in a cave.  You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

There, wasn’t that enlightening?

Aside from the fact that a group of over-grown women (and probably some men) worked really hard to steal childhood innocence and joy from five little girls, the points that they have the girls making are all feminist lies.  We’ll just take two apart but every point in the filthy little rant has been disproven.

First, “women make 80 cents for every dollar men make.”  Here’s just a short snip from a short article you should read.  It deconstructs the argument.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time working women earned 81 percent of what full-time working men earned in 2010 (the most recent data available), leaving a “gap” of 19 percent between the sexes.


The wage gap statistic, however, doesn’t compare two similarly situated co-workers of different sexes, working in the same industry, performing the same work, for the same number of hours a day.  It merely reflects the median earnings of all men and women classified as full-time workers.

The Department of Labor’s Time Use Survey, for example, finds that the average full-time working man spends 8.14 hours a day on the job, compared to 7.75 hours for the full-time working woman. Employees who work more likely earn more.  Men working five percent longer than women alone explains about one-quarter of the wage gap.

There are numerous other factors that affect pay.  Most fundamentally, men and women tend to gravitate toward different industries. Feminists may charge that women are socialized into lower-paying sectors of the economy.  But women considering the decisions they’ve made likely have a different view.

Again, read the whole article.  It’s more proof of our contention that statisticians aren’t mathematicians or scientists, they’re artists.  Give them a stack of data and they’ll produce a piece of performance art designed to “prove” whatever you need them to “prove.”

Second point is that “one in five women [in college] gets raped.”  Were that true, college administrators should be charged criminally for their failure to stop it and parents should be charge with child abuse for sending their daughters to college.

The statistic comes from a 2007 Campus Sexual Assault study conducted by the National Institute of Justice, a division of the Justice Department. The researchers made clear that the study consisted of students from just two universities, but some politicians ignored that for their talking point, choosing instead to apply the small sample across all U.S. college campuses.

The CSA study was actually an online survey that took 15 minutes to complete, and the 5,446 undergraduate women who participated were provided a $10 Amazon gift card. Men participated too, but their answers weren’t included in the one-in-five statistic. If 5,446 sounds like a high number, it’s not — the researchers acknowledged that it was actually a low response rate.

Again, this is just a snip, read the whole article it’ll take you just a couple of minutes.  When you hear that “statistic” repeated, just remember this.  If internet surveys were reliable Ron Paul would be President.

Now then, let’s look at the other side of the coin of feminist ire.  Blue bowling shirts.

Again, we expect you’ve heard this story.  A group of scientists managed to land a module on a comet.  First time that’s been done and we should be getting some really interesting information about comets that will expand the body of scientific knowledge.

Here’s the guy who led the team of scientists who accomplished this amazing feat.

The shirt depicts scantily clad women with guns.  The women on his shirt, given to him by his girlfriend, are dressed about as well as the little girls in the video.  We would not choose it as our work attire, but this guy didn’t get hired off the cover of GQ or for his taste in clothes.  We think this is a great picture of a moment to be very proud of, tacky shirt and all.

Well, apparently feminists don’t celebrate scientific breakthroughs.  They get their panties, assuming they’re wearing panties, in a wad over people’s choice of shirts.  A couple of womyn started a twitter storm that attacked this scientist for his choice of shirts, forced him to apologize and reduced him to tears (THAT is a story for another day).  Here’s what feminists are focused on.

Rose Eveleth led the Twitter charge.  Our scientist eventually was defended, but not until after these brain-dead bitches had reduced him to tears.  They’re fortunate we weren’t wearing the shirt.  Our press conference would have sounded more like the video above, “On a day of scientific breakthrough and amazing success, Rose, you and your silly little girlfriends are hyped up about my shirt.  A gift from a woman much better than you all, by the way.  I just want to say what a privilege it’s been to work with the finest team of scientists and engineers on earth to accomplish what we’ve accomplished today.  And to Rose and her small minded little group, you can go f**k yourselves.”

Girls, your priorities are all f**ked up.  Want to be successful in STEM?  Focus on performance and moving the edge of the scientific frontiers, not your petty little “feelings.”  You bitches represent everything that is wrong with our society.

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