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Harvard University’s Annual Sex Week [**Warning Graphic Subject Matter]


How do you teach college kids that homosexuality is natural, good, pleasurable and fun for everyone? Harvard University will be hosting an anal sex 101 class, called “What What in the Butt”. Or “50 Shades of Brown” if you prefer.

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking and being repulsed about, perhaps. Don’t mistake this article for telling you what to do or what not to do in the bedroom – have at it – but Harvard is barely masking the real intent of this “course” and it’s teachings. Anal sex is not just for men anymore.

By this time you may be cursing our online presence, but we tried to warn you upfront without saying exactly what this is. How else are you going to understand just how far college campuses have come in their quest to indoctrination.

The enlightening; “What What in the Butt” course is promoted as “a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality” and is run by a local sex store called; “Good Vibrations”, which promises to teach students the facts about “this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure”.

Harvard’s Sex Week is coordinated by Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College, or SHEATH, a recognized student-run organization on campus.

My question is are students so bored with sex that they are looking for this stuff?

Co-president of Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College, Kirin Gupta, is vitriolic toward anyone who criticizes Sex Week and her anal sex workshop.

Hat Tip MTV:

“I would say that the idea America has a crumbling morality, that we have some kind of morality that’s standing, is built on repressive patriarchal conceptions of sex and sexuality. So if that’s crumbling, then let it crumble.
butt-sexThe past two years we had Sex Week, we didn’t have an anal sex event — but I think it’s something that was really missing. It’s part of a lot of people’s sex lives, but it’s something a lot of people don’t want to acknowledge because it’s not part of traditional heteronormative sexuality.
Saying we don’t need [the workshop]is like saying we don’t need sex education, or should have abstinence-only education, or that people should feel ashamed for doing whatever it is that’s part of their sexual practice. … The conservative backlash speaks to the latent homophobia that society thinks so often it has gotten over, and has not. It speaks to these residual prejudices that people [have]when faced with a reality they’re not willing to acknowledge or respect.
It’s about the general mechanics. It is different for people of different genders, but it does address performing this act on anyone of any gender.
It’s also important that anal sex is not just penetrative — there are a lot of sex acts around anal anatomy. It is about a lot of different forms of how to do this safely.”
— Kirin Gupta


I lay awake nights worrying if college students are having enough sex.
— cromulent



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