Government Wastes Your Money on this Crap?

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The list of things the government wastes our hard-earned paychecks on is enough to make you want to throw something into the Boston Harbor. By: Jennifer Kabbany

The feds in D.C. don’t care about how much you work to scrape together a living. They just want your money, and guess how they are spending it? Too often in really stupid, pointless ways.

Here’s the deal: Every year Republican Sen. Tom Coburn compiles examples of this waste and abuse in his annual “Wastebook.” His 2014 edition includes 100 dumb, unnecessary and gluttonous examples that cost taxpayers a total of $25 billion.MoneyBurning

Among them: There’s free “high-end” gym memberships for Department of Homeland Security bureaucrats. And the Department of Defense tried to build a real-life “Iron Man” suit. Then NASA paid to have folks go to Comic-Con to explore the Marvel Universe. Meanwhile, the National Science Foundation is spending its time studying why Wikipedia is supposedly sexist.

Your paychecks. My paycheck. Funding this junk. But wait, there’s more.

Many of the items on Coburn’s list include grants the feds funnel to universities. These grants pay for some of the most idiotic subjects imaginable. Brace yourself.

Earlier this year, Ohio State University used a $387,000 National Institutes of Health grant to study the benefits of Swedish massages on bunny rabbits. The University of California-Santa Cruz was awarded an $856,000 research grant by the National Science Foundation to study mountain lions on treadmills.

A $307,524 grant in part from the National Science Foundation funded a study at Cal Tech on whether sea monkeys could be prompted to swim synchronized. Meanwhile, a $41,000 grant from the National Science Foundation helped Penn State University get over the guilt from the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal and cover-up.

All this folks, and meanwhile, the national debt clock stands at $17.3 trillion, and counting.

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