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GOP Will Repeal ObamaCare? Will You Shut Up?


How myopic and foolhardy does one have to be to jump on the “Republicans can now repeal ObamaCare” wagon?

Seriously, how naive a goofball are you? The Republicans are not going to repeal ObamaCare because they can’t repeal ObamaCare, so shut up already. Do I have to spell it out again? Fine!

Barack Obama is President. ObamaCare is his signature piece of crap. He will VETO any vote, bill, attempt, threat or otherwise to repeal ObamaCare – got it? GOP doesn’t have the votes to overturn – sorry.

Gee – all we have to do is wait for the Republicans to win the White House and we’ll repeal ObamaCare?

No you won’t. You’ll do nothing of the sort. President Jeb is going to repeal ObamaCare? President Hillary? President who?

Besides, that’s 2016 – when was the last time you saw anyone repeal an entitlement? ObamaCare is here – it’s tentacles have already reached far into the bowels of the country. Where do you think it will be in 2016? Gone?

You’re going to hang your hat on the notion that all of a sudden the Republicans are going to start doing the right thing? Where have you been, under a Stratigrapher? House Republicans not even one time used the Power of the Purse under Article One to do a damn thing about it over the past four years. “We’re not going to shut down the government” says your new Senate leader – and I believe him! No cajones – no plans to stop any of it.

They’re cowards – stop saying it. I implore you to just stop saying the GOP should repeal ObamaCare.

I forbid you to use that word. From now on, birds live in round sticks and you can have things over easy with toast. But please, shut up – the GOP is not going to repeal ObamaCare.

That ship sailed, so please turn your efforts to stopping the GOP from doing an immigration reform deal. Any deal is Amnesty and they know it. We have a President who enforces laws he likes and ignores laws he doesn’t like, so any immigration deal is Amnesty. Get it?

Stop Amnesty – that’s what you can say..

Oh, but they’ll put forth a bill that says “border security is first!!” Yeah? What about that fence that was already appropriated for? Where is it?

There’s no border security first, there’s no “reform” and there’s no crying in baseball – so recognize an Amnesty when you see one, okay? At least admit that the GOP has been trying to appease Obama and largely succeeding over the past six years. SAY IT! Have they done anything about his lawlessness and ignoring of the Separation of Powers? Have they?

Amnesty. ObamaCare. Spending. Jeb. Spending. Cronies.. did I leave something out? Explain to me how I’m wrong and I’ll shut-up, but don’t tell me what they can do – tell me what they will do… NOTHING!

And you libs – I’m not on your side just because the GOP establishment hates me.

You’re the useful idiots who got us in this situation in the first place.

Democrats detest individual liberty and self-determination. You Obama fools and Stalin’s fools share the same drink of illusion.

And stop saying “what would you replace it with”? How about my old plan? How about bring back my shiite?

Get away from me and mine – I don’t like you and I’m not on your sick team of Maoist wannabes. You’re terrible for liberty and my right to do whatever I want and when. Get OFF my back.



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