The Funniest Split-Screen I’ve Ever Seen: Obama Sticks His Nose Into Ferguson

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That had to be the funniest split-screen I’ve ever seen. President Obama reticently telling the good people of Ferguson to stay calm and anyone protesting to do so peacefully – and the other side of the screen, the good people of Ferguson firing shots, turning over a car, setting stuff on fire and throwing cans and bottles at police.

Saturday Night Live could not outdo that. I was laughing outloud. The best part was when he was saying “That won’t be done by throwing bottles. That won’t be done by smashing car windows. That won’t be done by using this as an excuse to vandalize property. And it certainly won’t be done by hurting anybody…”

And right on cue, people in the streets of Ferguson were doing all of it. A riot, figuratively and literally.

US-CRIME-RACISM-JURY-DECISION-OBAMABut his opening statement was priceless: He said they “deliberated the death of Michael Brown…” They did no such thing. They deliberated whether or not the officer shot Michael Brown in self defense or whether he used excessive or unnecessary force. The President is a race pimp.

The only people who saw every single bit of evidence and read every piece of eye-witness testimony and watched every pertinent video involved in the case – let me repeat that: The ONLY people who examined considered every piece of evidence say there is no reason to bring any charges against the officer in Ferguson.

Michael Brown’s blood and DNA were found all over and inside the officer’s car, on the officer himself and on his weapon. A bullet was found inside the car. Three separate autopsy’s found Michael Brown to have a gunshot wound on his hand and soot to indicate he was holding the Officer’s gun. Even the autopsy done by the Brown family.

Go ahead, burn your city down, but remember – this is not the battle to fight corruption, harassment and racism where it occurs. This is a time to say, “grab a cop’s gun, get your ass shot.”

What a disgrace that the president of the United States is speaking out about this case and talking about the rule of law !! He breaks it everyday.

Video: Prosecutor Bob McCulloch details timeline of Brown shooting

Bill Cosby just said for everyone in Ferguson to calm the f down and drink some wine..


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