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FINALLY…The REAL Reason Democrats Got a Boot Up the Backside In the Midterms [VIDEO]


Ever since the Democrats got thoroughly pounded into the ground during Tuesday night’s midterm elections, liberal pundits and politicians have been scratching their heads trying to figure out how such a thing could’ve possibly happened in “Obama’s America.”

Some of have decided to throw the President, their favorite cuddly progressive, under the proverbial bus, blaming him for their ultimate political ruin. A few actually think he may have purposefully destroyed their campaign to get back at them for hurting his feelings after attempting to put a little distance between themselves and the worst president in history.

Others resorted to typical liberal behavior and started calling voters racists, stoners, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture.

Well, my dear liberal friends, you can put your weary minds at ease, because the answer to the question that you’ve been pondering for the last several days is finally here.


Yeah, I’d say that about sums it up.

Much of the ridiculously sloppy rhetoric Democrats polluted the air with in the video above is demonstrative of the kind of performance we’ve already experienced from President Obama.

These knuckleheads actually helped the GOP take over the Senate by confirming the American people’s worst fears. If they were elected into office, the same incompetence that plagues the Obama administration was going to be poured out across every state in the land.

It’s clear by the landslide Republican victory that no one wanted to see that horror show play out.

Perhaps Democrats will watch this video and learn from their mistakes. I know, I know. That requires a bit of wisdom–or applied knowledge as I like to say–and that’s not something liberals are known for, but hey, if the election results teach us anything, it’s that miracles can happen.

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Michael Cantrell

Michael Cantrell is a conservative journalist/blogger with over 8 years of professional writing experience writing for some of the largest publications on the Internet. He has participated in several campaigns to repeal Obamacare, worked with Tea Party candidates running for Congress, and more. Michael is a staunch constitutionalist and lover of American history.


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