Ferguson & St. Louis State of Emergency Preparing for White People Rioting

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The Grand Jury is expected to announce their verdict about an indictment of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson today and the region is moving to a state of emergency with National Guard troops on standby and all police agencies putting on tactical gear.  An indictment of the white police officer is expected and authorities are preparing for the inevitable rioting and looting by angry whites.  Black neighborhoods will be battened down as angry white rioters looking for revenge move toward those peaceful neighborhoods with torches and guns.

Or something like that.  Schools are closed today and there is rioting expected.  We’re sure the Department of Racial Justice is on hand and in force, reports were that Eric Holder was sending an additional 100 FBI agents in addition to the hundreds of FBI and DoJ attorneys who’ve been in Ferguson since the Michael Brown shooting.  They’ve been working feverishly to find any evidence of racism with respect to officer Wilson, and so far they’ve come up with zip.  Of course, it’s only been a little over three months.

Seriously, the expectation is that no indictment will be coming down against officer Wilson in his apparent self-defense shooting of the 18 year old black man, Michael Brown, who attacked him.  There are “civil rights” groups in Ferguson from all over the country, publicly urging calm while planning attacks on police and rioting in private.

We’re guessing that there is probably one “civil rights” lawyer in Ferguson for every resident right now, all looking for a payday playing race cards.  The cry is “black lives matter” and the “issue” is white cops shooting black “kids.”  In fact, the civil rights community doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about black lives.  They get all up in arms every time a cop kills a black thug – and by all appearances that’s exactly what Michael Brown was – and we hear not peep while blacks slaughter other blacks in our cities.

The prime example, Chicago.  The black Mayor of Chicago and the Democratic machine that is so up in arms about Michael Brown and his fellow thug Trayvon Martin haven’t uttered a peep about the 138 murders in Chicago – the vast majority of them blacks – just since August 6th when Brown was shot in self defense by officer Wilson.

If you live in Ferguson or the surrounding area and you don’t own a gun, hopefully the stores are still open.

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