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Rules of Engagement: Ferguson Negotiating with the Enemy


Ferguson, Missouri law enforcement is intent on re-writing the rules of engagement out of deference to angered protesters in the Michael Brown – Darren Wilson shooting incident in August.

Aren’t the rules already in place? Robbers of convenience stores are law-breakers. Law-breakers get stopped by police officers. Law-breakers who refuse to stop, and become aggressive toward police, risk injury or death.

Granted, there are differing accounts about whether or not Wilson stopped Brown as a robbery suspect, or for jay walking. The attached radio transcript clears up that contradiction.

For me there never was a question about why Wilson stopped Brown. And I, for one, am getting tired of seeing Michael Brown described as ‘unarmed teenager’. The video of Brown assulting the convenience store manager shows him, a larger than average 19-year-old adult-teen, gripping the man around the neck. One could argue that Brown’s size and strength, when applied to a man’s throat, could be a lethel weapon. He easily could have strangled the man, or broken his windpipe. He simply stopped short . . .this time.

Then big, bad Brown swaggered with attitude out of the store and walked boldly in the street, body language saying ‘Can’t touch this.’

What follows is a report, with the audio recording of the Ferguson police dispatcher to field officers about the robbery. Wilson responded. His confrontation with Brown resulted in Brown’s death. And then all hell broke out.



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