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Did You Feel the Shift After the Election?


Did anyone else feel it or am I alone in this? Something tells me that you felt it too. It was that sudden shift immediately following the announcement of the midterm election results.

I’ll admit, the change had something to do with the Republicans taking both the House and the Senate but there was more to it.

It was a lifting of the feeling of darkness. A darkness that has pervaded this country for the past six years. Suddenly, it was gone.

What caused it to disappear was that the race-baiting lies from people like Al Sharpton, were finally exposed. Once exposed they were then shattered.

The long-term divisiveness that has been advocated by this Administration also came tumbling down as the truth took center stage.

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Right before our very eyes we saw the first African American male elected as a Senator in the South. Republican Tim Scott holds the honor, the first time since the Reconstruction Era. His election proves that the lies about racism are indeed false.

Then there was Mia Love who was elected as the first African American Republican female in Congress. Mia takes her rightful place in the House of Representatives for Utah and will represent her constituents in Washington, D.C., beginning early next year.

image source: cy interview

image source:
cy interview

Two wonderfully qualified, intelligent, articulate individuals were elected to represent the American people in Congress based upon their qualifications and character, not the color of their skin. The fact that they were African American had nothing to do with why they were elected. They were elected because they earned their seats.

We need to instill the importance of ‘earning your way’ back into America. Many Americans have forgotten what it feels like to actually earn something because they have been conditioned for far too long to allow the government to just ‘give’ it to them.

It’s disheartening, but many have given up their dreams and have succumbed to taking government’s handouts, even when they are physically and mentally capable of working toward their goal.

While it can take hard work and long hours to achieve our goals, in the end it will be well worth it. Whatever is produced or created will be ours. It won’t be because the government ‘gave’ it to us.

Then there are those that believe the lie from this Administration that only the rich or those in the top one percent of the population will ever have anything of value and then, only because they stole it from truly deserving people, or the remaining 99 percent of the population.

Stop focusing on others and start concentrating on what you are doing. The lie is there to keep you so frustrated and angry that you will build nothing of value in your own life.

The shift after the election also brought clarity. Reality and commonsense, although missing for a while, are beginning to make a comeback. Soon they will once again claim their own seats in America.

saira blairThe reality is that an 18-year-old young woman, named Saira Blair, made history on Tuesday when she was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates. She is not only the youngest lawmaker in the state but she is the youngest in the country!

Blair obviously didn’t believe the lie that she was too young or that she would never get the job because she was female. She didn’t fall for the fictitious war on women either. Rather she declared victory after believing she could do it.

If her victory doesn’t inspire other young people around the country to believe that they too can achieve greatness if they work hard, then I don’t know what will. It’s incredible and a true milestone.

image source: Texas Tribune

image source:
Texas Tribune

Then there is the new Governor-elect of Texas, Greg Abbott, who is disabled and wheelchair bound. He could have allowed his campaign opponent’s controversial wheelchair ad to demoralize him into believing that because of his disability, he would never be able to properly run one of the biggest and greatest states in the United States. Abbott proved that being disabled is no roadblock to achieving your objective.

It is clear that Abbott trusts in his own abilities, knows who he is, and has confidence in his God to see him through anything.

I am feeling so proud and so hopeful today because of these shining examples of true Americans.

Their achievements should renew our sense of purpose and motivate us to do more. We are the change makers.

Along with our Creator who gives us the capacity to make positive changes, we must set a new course forward to regain what we have lost.

We must stand up and speak out loudly. We must be heard, never to fall silent in the darkness again.

We know who we are as Americans. We are compassionate, strong, able-bodied individuals who care for our fellow man and woman. We aren’t haters, we aren’t racists, and we aren’t going to allow things to go back to business as usual.

90 year old manStarting today, as Americans we must stand together for our fellow Americans whenever we see them being wronged, like the pastors and a 90-year-old man in Florida who were arrested for feeding the homeless.

Speak out for them! Write to the local police there, contact the local news stations, or visit the town yourself to see how you can help.

We stood up when the Mayor of Houston tried to violate churches’ First Amendment rights by issuing a subpoena for them to turn over their sermons. Bibles poured into the mayor’s office from all over America and she was forced to back down. You made the difference.

You can do it again and we must, for our sovereign country, our families, and most importantly for our God.

There is no time to rest on our laurels. A new day has dawned and you are part of those that are here to restore the Republic and to make it an even better country than it was before.

We must hold our majority Republican Congress’ feet to the fire so that our voices are heard.

So, no looking back. Onward and upward! We have a mission to fulfill. Let’s do this!


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