FBI Chief’s Letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. – Fake?

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The FBI, under J. Edgar Hoover, had its share of sneaky maneuvers and overzealous agents, that’s for sure.

They went after actors, artists and other liberals. They sniffed out communists, and they investigated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Independent Journal Review and The Grio would have us believe that the letter pictured below is a copy of a letter written by FBI Chief of Domestic Intelligence, William C. Sullivan, suggesting King take his own life or face consequences, even giving him a deadline (no pun intended).

While there is much evidence that Sullivan personally disliked and distrusted Dr. King, it is doubtful that he originated this letter. The writer appears to be black, refering to “us Negroes” and “white people have their own frauds” and “you could have been our greatest leader.”

Additionally, the numerous grammatical and spelling errors indicates someone of lesser education than Sullivan. And, no doubt, a Chief of the FBI would have used a more official intimidation technique than the writer of this letter. Of Sullivan, the New York Times of November 10, 1977 included the following details in its article about Sullivan’s suspicious death.

Mr. Sullivan was known both within the bureau, and by a wide
and distinguished circle of acquaintances outside it as less a
policeman than a scholar, one whose interests ranged from theoretical
Marxism, on which he was an acknowledged expert, to modern English
	Mr. Sullivan held advanced degrees from American and George
Washington Universities and an honorary doctorate from Boston College.
	In retirement, Mr. Sullivan became even more vocal of Mr.
Hoover's nearly five decades of unchallenged leadership of the bureau
and of its controversial counterintelligence programs, including some
that he himself had conceived and administered.

Take a look at this letter yourself. Do you think an educated man who had climbed to a level of leadership within the FBI, nearly a likely successor to Hoover, would have composed this letter?

It’s much more likely that an anonymous, disgruntled, former devotee of Dr. King wrote it. Shame on the news outlets promoting this as an authentic FBI communique threatening Martin Luther King, Jr.

(It is also likely that William C. Sullivan’s death was no accident.)


Read more, but don’t believe it: http://www.ijreview.com/2014/11/201800-new-fbi-wrote-mlk-dream-speech-urging-permanent-end-civil-rights-push/

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