Famous Singer Wears Veil In Music Video, Muslims Freak Out


Muslims are a lot like liberals. It doesn’t take much to tick them off and send them kicking and screaming to the floor like a three-year-old throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions.

So what’s making Islamists around the world lose their minds now you ask?

Apparently they’re all in a tizzy because famous pop sensation Beyonce donned an Islamic veil in her latest music video, drawing the ire of Jihadists all across the world.

Muslims were so enraged by Beyonce’s disrespectful treatment of their peace loving religion–I bet you can actually feel the sarcasm dripping off that statement–they called her music “demonic.”

Check it out.

Via Weasel Zippers:

POP babe Beyoncé sparked fury last night when she donned an Islamic-style veil in her latest video.

But religious activists accused her of disrespecting Islam by pairing the headgear with a flesh-flashing outfit.

Now she has started a fresh storm with Twitter user Karesa Warner saying: “Dear Beyonce: Do you think you’re going to get away with wearing a version of Islamic head-dress, niqab, while promoting your Demonic music?”

Dina added: “Quoting our holy Quran and dressing in a niqab isn’t a fashion statement you dumb Beyonce.”

While I’m by no means a fan of Beyonce’s music or her sickening puppy love adoration for President Obama, I dislike a radical religion that calls for its adherents to behead those who refuse to convert even more.Obama Beyonce

It’s hilarious that Islamists are calling her “demonic,” because the last time I checked, the only thing remotely evil about Beyonce is how annoying her infectious melodies are. Oh, and her complete lack of self-respect and modesty, but that’s a story for another time.

I don’t recall seeing Beyonce on the news in videos holding the severed heads of innocent people or mass murdering Christians by the thousands. No, that was Muslims.

Anyone who doesn’t think radical Islam–which in reality is TRUE Islam–is a threat to our freedom and way of life is delusional. These folks are hellbent on taking over the world and forcing everyone to live under the oppressive rule of Sharia law.

It’s critical that we flush political correctness down the toilet and have an honest discussion about Islam and the danger it poses to the rest of the world so that positive long-term strategies for stopping its growth might be established.

If not, then seeing pop stars in veils might become a common sight.



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