Eric Holder Will Prove Darren Wilson is a Racist [Video]

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It’s a slam dunk.  Wilson obviously murdered Michael Brown based on racist motives, its obvious from Wilson’s grand jury testimony.  He may have gotten a pass from the 12 racist grand jurors (three of whom are black Uncle Toms) and the racist Progressive Democrat St. Louis County Prosecutor and his two associates (one of those was an Uncle Tom too), but Eric Holder and his Department of Racial Justice will get Wilson.

Justice will be done.

How do we know this?  Just listen to Lisa Bloom, an MSNBC legal analyst and daughter of Gloria Alred.

Got that?  Eric Holder will NOT overlook this obvious racism.

This issue about charging, which I find to be a racially tinged offensive word in and of itself, but I would have asked him, what exactly does that mean?

In a spirit of full disclosure, your Curmudgeon has to admit, head down with a tear in our eye, that we had a racist dinner last night.  The Curmudgeons went to Razz’s Restaurant in Scottsdale last night.  It’s the best restaurant on the planet, and it’s priced appropriately, and we charged dinner on our Visa card, the one with the previously low balance and high credit limit.

We also wonder if there will be an uprising amongst the Community of Perpetual Victims to force the NFL team in San Diego to change their name.  It’s now much more offensive than “Redskins.”

We’ve learned some valuable lessons over the past six years of “post-racial Presidency,” the most valuable is that everything is racist.  As a nation we can elect a completely unqualified man who happens to be black to the highest office in the land, we can have justices on the Supreme Court who are black.  We can allow legislators who happen to be black be members of a “black caucus” while being willing to accuse a white legislator who would like to start a “white caucus” of being a member of the Democratic Party organization called the KKK.  We can do all that stuff, and more, yet we’re a hopelessly racist society.

Or so Progressives like Lisa Bloom insist.  And Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  And Barack Obama and Eric Holder.

Here’s a hint folks, when you’ve come to the point that everything is about racism, nothing is.

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