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Dear Congress: You Have One Job Now


Dear House and Senate Republicans,

Congratulations on your wins in Congress Tuesday night. You won big and because you won big we’re hoping now that we’ll win big too. We sent you a screamingly clear mandate last night: STOP OBAMA! By Vanessa Penick

Don’t try to work with Obama. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to work with you. Remember “We won, you didn’t. Shut up.”? Remember “the phone and the pen.”? Remember that he was “irritated” that you all won. We want you to turn Obama’s irritation into his infuriation.

We don’t want you to work with him. We want to you to do one thing: STOP OBAMA!

Don’t try to work with the Democrats in the House and Senate. 1. You don’t need them. We give you so many new colleagues that you can pass anything you’d like without them. 2. They’ve never tried to work with you when they had a majority. Besides, they won’t help you with your number one job right now:


Make no mistake about it. We’ve made it undeniably clear that you what you are to do: STOP OBAMA!


Your agenda is as Pres. Reagan said “simple but not easy”:

Obamacare: Repeal and replace it.

Border security: Do it.

The economy: Fix it.

NSA: Nail them.

Benghazi: Nail Hillary.

IRS: Make them stop nailing us.

The budget: Stop spending money.

ISIS: Stop them.

Foreign policy: Make our allies our friends and our opponents our enemies and NEVER confuse that again. Example: Israel ally and friend. Iran opponent and enemy. Not the other way around. It all boils down to two words: STOP OBAMA! STOP OBAMA! STOP OBAMA!

If you don’t do this know one thing: it WILL be visited on you by us. That red wave can just as quickly turn blue. We’re watching and waiting. Oh, and one other thing: STOP OBAMA!

The American Voting Public.


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