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Chris Rock’s Epic Message to Blacks in Ferguson [VIDEO]


When I was young, I saw an unknown Chris Rock in a small club in Vegas and I didn’t know whether to laugh or not – even though it was hysterical.

chris rock2My friend and I were the only white guys in the club and we kept looking around to see if the blacks were laughing. They were. Hysterically.

Eventually, we were all on the floor praying Rock would stop because it was like the second coming of Richard Pryor.

It was maybe the funniest thing I’d heard since sneaking Richard Pryor records into the basement and listening to them on low volume so my mom wouldn’t hear the (profanity-laced) hilarity.

Anywhoozer, Chris Rock decided to chime in on the whole Ferguson situation… 14 years ago. Watch – you’ll be glad you did.


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