Cat Girl

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Jasmine is a call girl or escort if you will. She was hanging around the outside of an Occupy Portland gathering. She was very shy at first, but her look was very striking so I continued to chat her up.

Her head was completely shaved and she had two, at what I first thought were deep dimples, but turned out to be holes where piercing used to be. She seemed incredibly intuitive, but not used to being around crowds. She advertises in the back of a local magazine and ends the dates, if she feels like it, with a massage and a hand job. A mid-west girl who didn’t fit in with the small town life; she has been in Portland about 5 years.

She has three or four cats, and there is something very feline about her. As we walked around town I stopped and talked to a couple of guys who wanted a light. She hopped up on a low windowsill and observed our conversation; her pose was exactly like a cat would do it.

Jasmine is very easy to talk to, in that she listens well and doesn’t seem to judge even my most bizarre comments. She seems to be in what I would call the third stage of rape recovery; done by, “her child molesting father.” The shaved head and piercing along with the camo gear and boots she told me she used to wear, was the rage and shame stage. She seems to slowly be emerging from a depressive or nurturing phase.

She rarely goes out except for dates. During that period she also made friends with a massive spider that lived in her bed that scared her at first. She said that sometimes she can hear her cat’s thoughts, which I believe. One time she heard her cat tell her that she wanted some extra food for a raccoon friend, three days later she saw the raccoon. Her conversation with me was her taking the first steps of poking her head back into the world.

When we are finished she goes and joins in the Occupy.


God Bless, You have heard the sages of old say, “Give until it hurts” But I say to you now, “give until it feels good.” Giving sets off a very pleasant feeling in your heart, because your heart knows you are helping a brother or sister. But your mind sets off all sorts of different stories based on fear. Well why don’t they get a job, but I don’t have enough myself, what if they use it for drugs. etc. Yes give until it feels good again people, it is how we are designed.


hobo2Hobo Metaphysic of the day: The one for you is not another, the one for you, is you

Hobo John found himself homeless in the Florida Keys ten years ago and is sharing his stories with us. His story can be found here:

An Introduction To Hobo John

John wants you to know: “I’m not for the government doing more to help these folks. Their help tends to come with a lot of humiliation, stipulations, and rules, but I am for us finding our hearts again as a people and taking care of our own.”

Thanks – would love to hear from you;

— Hobo John

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